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If Only I Were Truly This Athletic

Near as i can tell, i must have been part of some rebel force. Weirder still, i'm pretty sure at least some family members were, too. Some indescibable things that involved figuring out which subway train to take happened first. Next thing i know i'm in some sort of auditorium/lecture hall. There was a long wooden desk in the front, the kind you might see at the UN or some other government function. And a blackboard with the sliding panels. The "student" seating were rows of bench seating. I believe we (the 'rebels') had been captured by whoever it was we were rebelling against. They wore the uniforms. You know. Those uniforms you always see the military and government guys wearing in any movie that involves a small band of rebels trying to overthrow an oppressive, militaristic government. Something happened. Either a fight or an explosion or one followed by the other. Next thing i know, we're running. Now, the building was on a hill. there was an inclined path to the left. I chose to run straight across the grass instead of taking the path. Theoretically, once i got to the low wall, i just had a short hop to the ground. So i'm running thru waist high grass. And my sister's right behind me. I jump, look down, and it's like 50 feet to the ground. I somehow have the time to take this in and turn my body around to catch the edge of the wall with my hands all before plummetting to my death. Not only do i perform this miraculous stunt effortlessly, i then proceed to pull myself up.

Let's just state for the record right that i am capable of performing a single pullup. And that's the cheating one. The first one where you hop up. So the chances of me pulling myself up from a hanging position is, hmm, nil. I don't recall any actual hand-to-hand combat. It could have happened. That's a particularly favored scenario of my unconscious mind. In fact, those are the best dreams.

By min | December 22, 2005, 1:17 PM | My Dreams