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Evan's Groove

Evan's Groove is a band that about a year ago posted an ad on Craig's List looking for a guitarist. They stopped talking to me when i sent them my samples - no hard feelings (i just pretend that that they were so overwhelmed with managing their issues that they didn't have time to get back to me, since i saw a few weeks later that they were also posting an ad looking for a keyboardist and now it looks like they've merged with some other band to fill in their ranks (uh-huh, whatever, i just suck)). But they are definitely an interesting band and i keep an eye on their website and thought i should share. Their site is incredibly crappy and hard to navigate (full of pop-ups and drop-down selectors), but it's worth it to get to their music to check them out (some of their songs are a little too happy-pappy for me, but most are very good). When i was talking to them, they said they basically get lumped into the "jam band" category but if you listen to them you'll see that their songs are pretty coordinated and that from show to show they play the same songs the same ways, so i don't think they really qualify as "jam band", and they don't either. They're just a pretty cool instrumental guitar oriented band (a little singing sometimes, but it's harmless). So go check them out.

As an aside, "jam band" has connotations of Grateful Dead and Phish to a lot of people. The Grateful Dead was officially the most boring band ever to grace the planet (note i said "most boring", not "crappiest"), and i haven't heard much Phish but what i have heard sounded similar (the (semi) exception being Oysterhead, which was the guitarist from Phish, bassist Les Claypool from Primus, and Stewart Copland on drums from the Police. That's a great album, but i don't think it's typical of Phish's sound). But if anyone knows differently, and there is some stuff out there that sounds like Evan's Groove, let me know cause i can use some more music this.

By fnord12 | January 6, 2006, 3:56 AM | Music