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Debate on Universal Health Care

Josh sent me this link to a debate on Universal Healthcare. I'm sure it's at least partially due to my bias, but i think the pro-UHC guy is more convincing.

By fnord12 | February 23, 2006, 5:08 PM | Liberal Outrage


I think the only time UHC loses out is on the introduction of new technology. In 1984 Canada had very few CT scan machines, now there's plenty. I don't know what's on the bleeding edge of technology these days, but I bet we've got more of them in the US than the do in the states. I also bet you save more lives by insuring everyone than you do by enabling the non-impoverished to have access to cutting edge treatment. That being said, the day I, or someone I love needs cutting edge treatment I'll be a convert, just like Gladwell is ;).

er, "more of them in the US than they do in Canada" is what that should have said!