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Evacuees Go Home!

Apparently, it's Mardi Gras time down in New Orleans. I was given this helpful information thru an email forwarded on a list-serv. This email was even more helpful in that it noted the following "bit of information":

- FEMA will be evicting most evacuees from their hotels on March 1. This should free up some more hotel space.

Well, isn't that great? Thanks to FEMA, I won't have to worry about evacuees filling up the hotels and making it difficult for me and other tourists to find lodging during Mardi Gras. That would have been a total drag.

Not content to rest in their mission to ruin people's lives, FEMA continues to find new and innovative ways to generate more misery. It's heart warming to see there are people out there able to appreciate FEMA's efforts. They aren't throwing people out to free up hotel space for themselves. It's all for YOU.

If I should ever have the opportunity to meet this person from the list-serv, they damn well better hope I don't get an opening to bring this up.

By min | February 27, 2006, 10:31 AM | Liberal Outrage


er, isn't Mardi Gras tomorrow, Tuesday the 28th of February? Why would they evict evacuees the day after mardi gras?

it's FEMA. they never respond on time.