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Some obvious thoughts on Iran

  1. It's hypocritical of us to say that Iran can't have nukes when we tolerate Israel and Pakistan and India having nukes.
  2. We lost any high moral ground when we broke our no new nukes treaty with Russia on the laughable grounds that we actually made the treaty with the Soviet Union and they no longer exist, and started developing "bunker busters" for tactical usage.
  3. Our invasion of Iraq has made it clear to every country that we are belligerent towards that they had better get nukes if they don't want to be invaded.
  4. If we were serious about stopping terrorists from getting nuclear materials, we would be getting all the russian material off the black market. There is no serious effort going on right now to do this, despite our "War on Terror" (this was one of John Kerry's ignored talking points during the election). Additionally, we would be hiring or otherwise paying off all the Russian nuclear scientists that are now unemployed since Russia's attempt at capitalism destroyed their economy.
  5. Everything i've seen from international and UN sources seems to indicate that Iran really is pursuing a nuclear power plant agenda, as opposed to weapons. Why would a country supposedly sitting on huge reserves of oil need nuclear power? Is it possible that the Peak Oil people are right and the Middle East oil fields are drying up? Or is Iran just doing a good job of fooling everyone except the US?
  6. Considering our lies regarding Iraq's WMD's, if we are right this time and the rest of the world is fooled, i guess it's too late for the Bush administration to read, er, be read The Boy Who Cried Wolf?

By fnord12 | February 8, 2006, 4:09 PM | Liberal Outrage