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Why are you going to McDonalds?

I don't get vegans who eat at Mcdonalds and then get outraged and sue when the food contains animal products.

McDonald's Corp. faces at least three lawsuits claiming the fast-food giant misled the public after it acknowledged earlier this week its french fries contain milk and wheat ingredients.
Nadia Sugich of Los Angeles sued Wednesday, saying she eats no animal products and would not have eaten the fries had she known they contained dairy ingredients.

By fnord12 | February 21, 2006, 8:54 AM | Liberal Outrage


putting aside the question of why vegans would eat at mcdonalds (or maybe answering it in a roundabout way), there is a greater issue here. and that is mcdonalds has repeatedly lied to its customers. they were obviously asked point blank whether their fries had these particular ingredients in them and they either blatantly lied or made up an answer or have no idea what one part of their corporation is doing. either way, this is completely unacceptable. its mindboggling that a large corporation can get away with this. ofc when you look at the past 100 years of corporations, its not so mindboggling. yet we are constantly told that private companies (who, like mcdonalds, are seemingly not held accountable for the things that they tell their consumers) are more efficient than the government. clearly, when people say that, they mean that because these companies can lie and not be held to it, they can rack up monster profits because they are beholden to no one but the bottom line. welcome to efficient capitalism. someday, someone will have to explain how this benefits society as a whole.

so, getting back to point, unfortunately in society, lawsuits are the only way that corporations are held accountable. believe me, this is about the most inefficient, back-asswards, retarded method of enforcement. when greed checks greed, and power checks power, all you end up encouraging is more people reaching for more greed and power. so these vegans who as you say should not be anywhere near a mcdonalds (unless, if society trends as it has been for the last 50 years, mcdonalds is the only place to get a job) are probably just tools, being used as names by lawyers to file class actions. or maybe they are those vegan types who make it their lifes work to bring mcdonalds down so they lay traps and then spring them on mcdonalds when they find an opening. either way, its all shit and makes no sense.

vegans who eat mcdonalds.
vegetarians who eat chicken and fish.

now lawsuits just alert the big companies to the loopholes so that they can get regulators to shield them from future lawsuits.


gotta love it when corporations have more rights than people.

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