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Me and two other girls sneak into an apartment building via the laundry shute. Casually stroll into the apartment of the guy we've come to protect except there's some stranger sitting there in the foyer. We just as casually stroll right back out of the apartment. The stranger's working for the bad guy. Think mob boss and thug. As we're nonchalantly standing out in the hallway, the guy we're supposed to be protecting walks out in cuffs, wearing a gorilla suit (minus the head) with a group of people. He sees us, smiles and thanks us. As it turns out, the whole gorilla suit thing was part of our plan to smuggle him out of the apartment safely. We're zooming down the street in 2 cars and he takes off is "disguise".

Flash to Rod and me driving down some local street in ourSUV (which shall hereafter be referred to as "Earth Punisher"). Up ahead is a grassy median and the lane splits in either direction around the median. Rod drives right over the median instead of choosing a lane. As we stop at the light, he tells me he couldn't decide which way to go. I should have seen what happened last time when it was dark out. We turn down a street and now we're driving our Earth Punisher in a department store display window. The floor and walls are white. It's full of female mannequins displaying outfits. Faceted blue and green glass/plastic are scattered on the ground around the mannequins. Even the clothes are in blue-green hues. The store's closed. We have to get out of here or we'll get in trouble. But we can't get out cause we're lost in the store. The store's layout is a room with a door that leads to a hallway that leads to a door that leads to another room that also has a door that leads to a hallway, etc. Lots of right angle turns. One door leads to a room full of computer terminals. Keep going. Now it's someone's house. We have to find a way out before the people wake up and catch us. Try another door. Crap. There's a couple in there. They're awake. It's nearly dawn. The woman asks us what we're doing here. I explain that we're lost. They live in an old, rustic looking house but it's in the middle of the city (imagine Times Square). The living rooms got 2 walls that are just huge windows so you can look out onto the street. The couple say it's awful. It's so noisy.

By min | March 8, 2006, 9:17 PM | My Dreams