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Food Uniformity Bill

This bill basically requires that all State food safety laws be identical to Federal laws. The catch is that if the FDA hasn't made a regulation for some food threat, then the States can't either. And if the State already has such a regulation in place, it's now voided.

And, since the states regulate many food safety issues not covered by the FDA, many food safety laws will be voided and replaced with no law at all. For example, the bill would preempt Alaska's newly passed law to label genetically engineered fish and California's Proposition 65, a very effective law that requires labeling of food and consumer products that contain substances known to cause cancer or reproductive harm. It also threatens state laws governing the safety of milk and shellfish.

It passed in the House 283 to 139. Check out this site to see how your Representative voted. Take a second to yell at your Rep if he voted for the bill and thank them if they voted against. My guy voted against. Yay Rush Holt!

Also, take a minute to contact your Senator and ask them to oppose the bill in the Senate. Here is the Center for Food Safety's webform if you want to do it that way.

By min | March 10, 2006, 11:00 AM | Liberal Outrage