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No official reluctance to report the truth

Pat Tillman was a pro-football player who, after the WTC attacks, decided to pass up on a contract so he could join the army and fight in Afghanistan. He was also a reader of Noam Chomsky, and when Tillman was tranferred to Iraq, he began speaking out against the war, calling it illegal. Then he was killed. At first the Defense Department tried playing him up as a hero who was killed by an enemy attack. Then it came out that he was killed by friendly fire. Since then there have been four investigations and they are working on the fifth. Any "investigation" where an organization investigates itself will always be more of an ass-covering operation as far as i am concerned, and i don't think anything will come of this either. They are calling his death the result of "gross negligence." To me that means they sent him in from of someone else's machine gun on purpose to shut him up, but i guess i'm a conspiracy theorist.

Here's my favorite part of the article:

A report by the Army later found that troops with Tillman knew at the time that friendly fire had killed the football star. Officers destroyed critical evidence and concealed the truth from Tillman's brother, also an Army Ranger, who was nearby, the report found.

More than three weeks after a memorial service in San Jose, Calif., the Army announced on May 29, 2004, that friendly fire rather than an enemy encounter caused Tillman's death. However, even at the time of the memorial, top Army officials were aware that the investigation showed the death had been caused by an act of "gross negligence," the report said.

Despite the Army's findings, the officer who prepared the Special Operations Command report, Brig. Gen. Gary M. Jones, concluded there was no official reluctance to report the truth. Army officials have acknowledged that they should have better handled the information they released on Tillman's death.

Sure, they destroyed evidence and lied, but they really wanted to tell the truth. I'll tell you what: if you don't want me to be a conspiracy theorist, stop acting so damn suspicious.

By fnord12 | March 7, 2006, 11:10 AM | Liberal Outrage