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What's wrong with you now, Prince Charming?

I got an earache.

So... i need to go to a doctor. In order to go to a doctor we have to register them as our Primary Care Physician with our insurance. We picked our previous doctor based on proximity to our home. But we learned that she actually only visits her Somerset office once a week, and sometimes if she doesn't have a lot of appointments, she just doesn't bother to show up (i learned this the hard way).

So we got a new primary doctor based on min going on our insurance company's website and finding a doctor that was accepting new patients. So i call the doctor's office to make a new appointment.

"Are you a new patient?"
"Um, yes."
"The doctor is not accepting new patients."
"Ummmmmm. Well, he's my primary..."
"I understand, but he's not taking new patients."
"Ummm, but he's listed on my insurance card as my..."
"I understand that but you'll have to find a new doctor."

So don't tell me that private corporations are more efficient than big government. I'm moving to Canada.

By fnord12 | April 12, 2006, 8:24 AM | Liberal Outrage & My stupid life


Earache my eye. How'd you like a buttache?