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We trekked through Brooklyn on Saturday night to check out our friend Ana's band Mahogany. They're like a real band that tours and has a record label and everything. They've got a Stereolab-ish sound, with a lot of texture, due to the fact that they are an 8 member band! 2 drummers (neither on a full drum set), 2 bassists, 3 guitarists, and 1 singer. 2 of the guitarists also sing (Ana sings and plays guitar). All in addition to computer loops. So go check out their myspace site. Their newer stuff is more involved, and Ana isn't on any of their current tracks, so we'll link back to them again when they've got the new songs up.

By fnord12 | May 22, 2006, 3:16 PM | Music


hey look, it's Ana. How cool :).

and hey, they're on Darla! That's awesome.