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Make friends with the badger - $5

Joshua sent me this article that continues the debate on the internet and the future of the music industry. It's pretty balanced so go check it out. It looks like a good music site in general, as well.

But the article says "And you shouldn't even get out of bed if you're not posting your music on MySpace and selling CDs on commission at CD Baby." I don't know nuthin' about birthin ' CDs at CD Baby, but i broke down and got myself a myspace account (feels like a step backwards after coming from Friendster to our own website). There's nothing there that isn't already here, but maybe it'll get me a little collaborative exposure and criticism from other musicians. And if you have an account, stop by and "make friends".

By fnord12 | May 24, 2006, 2:00 PM | Music & My stupid life


man, i remember when it was only $2 to make friends with the badger.

Myspace has actually apparently skyrocketed a few unknown musicians to near super-stardom. The band that the Dresden Dolls are supporting on their current tour are selling out shows immediately because all the kids love them - and it's apparently due to Myspace. It's bizarre.

My friend Marc sells his cds on CDBaby and I think it's been good for him.

Maybe you shouldn't be such a luddite.