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What's this now?

I read the Morrison run, and i guess i just missed that "low-key" line in House of M, but i had no idea about all the creator in-fighting that's apparently been going on:

Originally Posted by Cyphon Wasn't that the Sublime entity controlling Magneto? I thought that was ultimately the explanation for everything that happened. Especially for the Magneto Lovers.

According to Morrison's last X-Men arc, Sublime was a sentient bacteria that had spent the history of the world trying to take over. Sublime was "animating" John Sublime of the "third race" people; Sublime was also the drug "kick". Apparently, Morrison's intent was to get rid of Magneto, as he had become somewhat of a joke. And, as I've stated ad infinitum on these boards, Claremont (because apparently he created (sic) Magneto and needed him for Excalibur, for reasons no one can explain to me) wussily brings him back. Bendis saved the day in one of his (uncharacteristically) low-key, offhand moments in House of M (he implied that the Magneto of Morrison's run was a construct of Wanda's.) I don't love it, but it sits a lot better than Austen's Xorn I/ Xorn II fiasco and doesn't give Claremont the satisfaction he probably wanted.

By fnord12 | May 18, 2006, 1:27 PM | Comics