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They're sitting on the floor next to the sliding glass door. I see something moving in the dirt. Must be a bug. Oh my god. It's a snake. A big snake. It's coming inside. It started off tan with brown patterning. Now it's green. And a cobra. It lunges. I avoid it. Somehow. We make a grab for it. Someone get the head! I hold on to it. It opens its jaws. Wide. 180deg wide. Venom drips out of the fangs. Get a container or something. Hurry up. The venom drips onto my hands and seeps into my skin. I can feel it moving up my arms. We have a jar. What if i try to put it in and drop it? I try. I don't think i made it.

By min | June 28, 2006, 8:21 AM | My Dreams


Hang on. I think I have Samuel Jackson's cell number here somewhere. He'll know what to do. You're on a plane, right?


you mock my pain!