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A Medley

First off, I want to say that since we've been back from Ireland, i've been having dreams of driving from town to town, b&b to b&b every single night. Between that and the time difference, sleeping has been quite rough. Assholes.

Now, for one of my first non-Ireland related dreams, i dreamt that a lion and 2 tigers crashed an outdoor dinner party i was having. They jumped over the hedge. I don't have a hedge in real life. I barely have a backyard. The appearance of these cats seemed to disturb the guests. To distract the lion from chasing one of them, i tossed my sweater up in the air in front of it. It worked. But my poor sweater. Then i devised the clever plan to distract them with some raw meat. If i put the meat on the driveway, they'll be over there eating, and we could once again sit peacefully in the backyard. I told one of the line dancers to get it for me. She said ok, but never did come back with the meat. I think instead she went to do some dancing with the rest of the chorus.

Last night i dreamt that some people had set up a course that mimicked the sort of defenses used back in the day when you had to ward off invaders. Basically, you'd run thru the course and at certain points, the floor could slide away, revealing a grate from which the defenders could then spear your feet as you passed by. You didn't know what parts of the ground could slide and what parts didn't, so you basically ran and hoped you picked the right path. I did ok, not great on the course. The guy playing defender said "imagine how you'd do if it wasn't just me" since in real times there'd be a slew of defenders under the grates ready to stab at the passersby.

Then we all decided to visit the mermaid oracle. Except she was really quite a distance away, and we didn't think we had enough time. The store owner revealed that all the stores on the block had mock store fronts. The entire front literally slid away to reveal a second store front behind it. His secondary store front was the mermaid oracle. I guess it was some sort of portal. So we went. As the fake store front slid back into place, 2 guys showed up who apparently were chasing us. We were long gone. But the store owner was there in the back room sitting on his bed watching TV. He wasn't human. His head was gigantic. He had big eyes and a tiny mouth and almost no nose. The only light came from the TV and reflected off his face. The bigger of the 2 guys transformed his arm into a giant hook/claw thing and swung it towards the giant-headed store owner. Pinned him down, practically, what with the hook/claw being stuck into the bed. I'm pretty sure the store owner was going to give the hook guy the info on where we were but that's about when i woke up so i'll never know unless i convince my brain to continue the dream tonight.

By min | June 20, 2006, 10:19 AM | My Dreams