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Comics... as liberal as CNN?

From everybody's favorite racmu:

DC and Marvel = CNN??

Why the liberal slant in some of the stories from these two comic media

For example, DC had Infinite Crisis where a villian creates a phony war
in order to change things around to a new universal order. Much like the
way the mainstream media is playing the Iraq War. Also, the current
issue of 52 has some non-USA heroes banding together against USA imperial
designs. Again, the same view that the mainstream media is showing
concerning some countries' concerns about the USA and it's New World
Order philosophy.

At Marvel, they are having a Civll War concerning superhero registration.
Again, like the mainstream media's view about illegal immigrant

I understand that everyone has a bias. I just wish that the two big
comic book companies would try another slant every so often. Not as
heavy handed as talk radio or Fox News; but, something different once in


By fnord12 | June 21, 2006, 10:17 AM | Comics


I can't begin to explain the tons of things wrong with this guy's post.

Oh my god. i just went and read a bunch of these. If all the groups are like this, why the hell do you read them. They're filled with angry, bitter people (on both sides). but I did learn that Marxism is a pseudoscience.

Um, Civil War, as a reasonable person may have gleaned from the title, takes no kind of stance on superhero registration; it is a controversy, as exemplified by the iconic split between Iron Man and the Cap.

And the thing in 52; while the alliance of non-US heroes does express problems with imperialistic US policies, these characters are also portrayed as the enemies of the Green Lanterns. If its a liberal slant, why would they write their views into the villians?

Yeah, they're nuts. So why do i read them? They're (racmu and newsarama)... *sniff* they're the only places i know to go to for marvel comic book discussions. There's no good comic blogs that i'm aware of, and Adam doesn't let me talk about comics with my friends.

I read on some blog that they did a random informal blog search and the majority of comic related blogs were dc in nature. (mostly making fun of old superman's). blog blog blog.

oh great. now it's all my fault.