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Brought To You By The Letter 'R'

Rod sometimes mentions a comic he read where Doctor Octopus stole the Letter H. To illustrate the severity of this, all the Hs in the comic were missing. In the end, Spider-Man stopped him. It would appear that there is one other person in the entire world who has also read that comic.

A consonant-loving thief has police and business owners baffled after dozens of Rs were stolen from signs around the community.

"We've lost our Rs. And we want them back," said Randall Jones, president of Headley Hardware.


Putnam Inn manager Jane Hansen isn't sure how the thief climbed more than 6 feet off the ground to take Rs from a sign in front of her motel.

It wouldn't be so hard for a thief with 4 octopus-like robotic arms, now, would it?

By min | July 20, 2006, 10:35 AM | Comics & Ummm... Other?


This is a  ep ehensible act of te   o ism against ou  count y. Who will  id us of this  obbe  of lette s?

i thought it was an episode of the electric company.

It was a Spidey Super Stories feature in Electric Company Magazine.

how come the Electric Company spider-man couldnt talk? could he talk in the magazine version of the show?

i think the continuity on the television show takes place after the feature in the magazine where Dr. Octopus steals all the letters.

why the hell is there no discussion of purchasing me the best of the electric company dvd?


um, ok. let's all talk about purchasing the best of the electric company dvd for priscilla.




are we witnessing those monsters from sesame street in print form? because you kinda lose something doing it that way.

This was actually a bit from the electric company. Two shadowed faces were facing each other and would sound out words. so yeah.

i think we're losing focus here. i still don't have the electric company dvd.

You just made the list!

The Watcher's Christmas list!

you never said you wanted the electric company dvd. you just requested that we discuss your purchasing the electric company dvd. you are gonna have to waste another wish now.

i never said i was purchasing it. i said we were to discuss purchasing it for me. clearly.

well, we are discussing it, arent we? sort of.


i finally remembered to post up the conclusion. be proud of me =P