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Civil War Spoilers

Last night i was provided with the script for the last few pages of Civil War #5 and the first few of Civil War #6:

SCENE: It is NIGHT. A group of HOMELESS PEOPLE are fleeing out of a sewer pipe into an open reservoir. They are led by a GIANT cloaked in rags.

Suddenly a squadron of SHIELD agents emerge from the pipe. They open fire with machine guns and a flame thrower. The homeless people fall to the ground, apparently dead. The GIANT emerges from the carnage, his rags in flames. He tears them off, revealing himself as the ABOMINATION. He looks at the homeless people, screams in horror, and attacks the SHIELD agents, scattering them. Filled with rage, he is about the kill an agent when MS. MARVEL appears, looking arrogant, with a second SHIELD squad, armed with gamma cannons.

The shot moves back, revealing the overall battlefield. In the top left corner of the panel, a shooting star is moving towards the earth. In the next several panels, as MS. MARVEL approaches the ABOMINATION, the comet approaches the earth, and in the last panel there is an EXPLOSION.

A sophisticated lab. MR. FANTASTIC, wearing a lab coat over his uniform, is working silently along side IRON MAN, with his visor open to reveal Tony Stark. A monitor in the background displays "Project 42." As we watch Reed work, a shadow falls over him. He turns, horrified, and attempts to stretch away but he is held by a pair of huge green arms. The next page reveals a full splash panel of the HULK, huge and savage but with a gleam of intelligence in his eyes. MR. FANTASTIC is attempting to slip away, but the HULK will not release him and Reed is hopelessly contorted. In the next panel, IRON MAN lifts his arms to fire his repulsor rays, but another green hand covers his head, crushing his helmet. It is the ABOMINATION. As the HULK stretches MR. FANTASTIC beyond his limits, accompanied by a *CRACK*. IRON MAN struggles to get free. The HULK approaches IRON MAN, who begins to fire up his unibeam. The HULK covers IRON MAN's chestplate with his hands and squeezes, and there is an EXPLOSION.

END Book 5.

A sophisticated lab reduced to rubble. MR. FANTASTIC lays on the ground, contorted in impossible ways. IRON MAN lays nearby. His helmet is crushed and his chestplate destroyed. He is laying in a pool of blood. Slowly, MR. FANTASTIC opens his eyes and lays silently on the ground for a moment. Then he pulls his body back together and stands. A moment later, he touches his left glove, and his body begins to transform, revealing DR. DOOM. DOOM walks towards IRON MAN's body and presses another button on his gauntlet. IRON MAN transforms, revealing KANG, but still in broken armor and apparently dead. DOOM makes another adjustment on his armor and KANG disappears. He then walks to another part of the lab and clears away some of the rubble, revealing a computer monitor displaying "Project 42". Next to the monitor is a red button. Scene ends with DOOM's finger touching the button.

I guess it takes away some of the moral dilemma by making the pro-registration side bad guys in disguise, and turns the whole Civil War into a typical superhero story, but i can't say i'm disappointed.

By fnord12 | July 13, 2006, 10:04 AM | Comics


god. i hate civil war.