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I Did It!

I got passed the point in Diaspora where i stopped reading it the last 2 times. Whooooo!!!! Take that, you giant, desert turtle!

Unfortunately, Egan's site doesn't go much into Kozuch's Theory and n-spheres. So i'm a bit stuck. I just don't know how to visualize a 6-sphere (sphere with 6 dimensions). And don't give me a link to the wikipedia entry. I've read that already, in addition to a bunch of sites i found on google. All i want is some sort of visual representation of what a 6-sphere might look like. And mebbe some text explanation. Ofc, you couldn't really visualize a 6-sphere due to us only having 3 dimensions, but there must be some sort of representation out there.

Which reminds me. I like fractals.

By min | July 6, 2006, 2:46 PM | My stupid life