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Lame-Ass Villains

Bored at work? (i know you are)
Love reading about comic books? (i know you do)

Go check out Dave's Long Box's Lame-Ass Villian Compendium. And don't worry, they're mostly all Marvel characters.

By fnord12 | July 20, 2006, 4:30 PM | Comics


I've been checking out this guy's blog for the last year or so! His reviews of single issues are usually quite amusing, too! A very entertaining blog. He gets Wanyas' "Seal of Approval!"

Finding lame DC villains is like swatting flies! (I'm not sure what that means exactly, I'm just keeping with my 'bug' theme! Hey, give me a break, I've been dead twenty years)!

That's what he says:

"It strikes me that I haven't featured any lame-ass DC villains, of which there are many. Too many, really. The Fisherman? Deathwing? Calendar Man? It's like shooting kittens in a barrel. I mean fish. The thing about Marvel is that they always try so hard to be the cool comic book company - it just makes their lame villains so much lamer. Hence, my focus on Marvel goons."

What the---?

I'm... lame-ass? N-n-no one respects me...?