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More toys to kill you with.

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I was originally against pre-painted plastic miniatures as a matter of principal, plus the original ones i saw (by the people who went on to make HeroClix) were pretty crappy, so when Wizards of the Coast started putting out theirs, i just sort of ignored it.

But recently, in my quest for a female halfling cleric (which i still haven't found - i think the people who make minis assume all girls want to be Elven princesses), i started looking at the WOTC site and saw all the wonderful creatures they've been making. When i saw that they made Tiamat, i was hooked. Got myself a bunch of other classic D&D monsters too: you can see the Purple Worm in the back there, and there's some Xorn, and some Grell, and Thri-Kreen. Also got some bizarre stuff like those Celestial Dire Badgers and Giant Frogs, and a good smattering of generic skeletons and wights and other monsters.

They actually look pretty good. Some of their spears are a little flacid, if you know what i mean, but the paint jobs are much better than the earlier ones that i saw (and look at least as good as the crappy job i've done painting the metal ones).

In fact, i like 'em so much i'm gonna get some more. The site i ordered from didn't have any Bulettes, but i've found another site that does. I wonder if i can get some Rust Monsters...

By fnord12 | July 27, 2006, 8:57 AM | D&D


you are so not allowed to buy more monsters.

and don't be surprised if these suddenly "disappear".

also, if there's a wight, i don't care what my alignment is. i'm running away and i don't care who gets left behind. go ahead. deduct XP. at least i'll still be alive and have all my stuff.


And Priscilla's right, no Wights either!

Are you guys actually playing again?

Well, they don't make a rust monster miniature yet, anyway.

We're gonna start playing again soon. Come back for a guest appearance.

I'll probably be out in September for my cousin's wedding. Not sure if there'll be enough time for socializing though, might just fly in, wedding, fly out to save vacation days.

do you see what a jerk he is?

fnord12: i bought a Dracolich, too.
fnord12: that's a Dragon that became a Lich.

I never understand why he gets such a perverse desire from killing us. It's not like it's that hard. I think we once lost to a group of goblins at level 3!

I can't think of a single time we've lived up to his expectations as far as how well we'll do in a fight goes!

he thrives on the disappointment from our failures.

Rod prepares for D&D...

"OK, there's 7 of them, they're all level 3. They should be able to handle 3 wights and a vampire pretty easily. Maybe I'll give the vampire the ability to paralyze on a roll of 19 or 20 as well"

Later that week...


"You guys should have had no problem with that fight! You need better teamwork."

its those crappy fixed dice of his. someone needs to find them and destroy them!

If it all about being killed in horrible ways, maybe you guys should try the Call of Cthulhu table top RPG. I hear its pretty ridiculously hard.

I think this is the link for it:


you guys should play with the new rules that allow you to bring your own painted army for the battle. that way you are sure to win.