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Your opinion solicited:

Should the X-Men comics focus primarily on themes like prejudice using the mutant concept as a metaphor, or should they be primarily super-hero comics like, say, the Avengers, that occasionally deal with the mutant theme as an extra layer?

By fnord12 | July 20, 2006, 11:57 AM | Comics


The second, with maybe a little more emphasis on the racial metaphors than is implied by your description.

so far, all the x-men i've read have basically been "superheroes fight the supervillains" plots. and i've enjoyed them.

unlike the first books written, they do long plot lines now that take several issues to tell, so there's no reason why they couldn't do the mutant prejudice angle.

i think it would be an interesting angle to explore, and it'd be a change to see a team actually following their mission statement. however, like communism, i've never seen it carried out in practice.

i would say b), but with a stronger emphasis on the mutant angle than you set forth. they can be superheroes, but often they have to deal with a world that hates them because they are mutants, despite their many efforts to protect humanity. they also have a keen interest in protecting other innocent mutants in the world, as well as dealing with evil mutants that give mutants a bad name.

All in favor of making it a majority?

Wrong! The X-Men should primarily focus on mutant discrimination type issues and rarely if ever deal with traditional super-hero themes. There are plenty of other books out there doing straight super-hero stuff.

I don't know, John. The majority of stories dealing with mutant discrimination have been very heavy handed. I don't know how you do discrimination type stories in a format where the discriminated group is a group with super-powers. I do think that the X-Men should be the "outcast, underground, often outlawed" group of super-heroes and should never gain the acceptance that, say, the Avengers or the FF get. But i think focusing just on the discrimination theme can wind up getting stale - it's not really a problem you can beat up with super-powers.

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So, what's the best era of x-men for the type of stories described? I would say it was the Claremont/Romita, Jr. era which had a nice balance of the two without being overwrought. I would say that the Claremont/Byrne era, which most would likely say is the best era, is the most 'super-heroey' era with only the "Days of Future Past" being a quite notable exception.

I think "God Loves, Man Kills" is probably the best story dealing with it. Obviously Simonson's early X-Factor comics dealt with it head-on, but that might qualify as too heavy handed (or that may have just been a problem with the scripting). Morrison's X-Men took an interesting approach. Which Romita era stories are you thinking of?

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I meant the run in general. While the x-men were doing decidely super-hero things, I always felt those stories had an us against them (mutant/human) undertone throughout with a sense of foreboding dread. Especially once Magneto joined. I think, this was where they really get distinct from the avengers, FF, etc and get branded as 'mutant terrorists.' also, plots that culminated in the mutant registration act started here. But, yes, God Loves, Man kills is an excellent single story, as was the australian/brood story (which did get a little heavy-handed with the religious stuff). and morrison's was an interesting take, but not quite fitting the bill. though, I guess, upon thinking about it, that's just because he turned the anti-mutant thing on hits head.

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I know, I know, you're all wondering why the greatest basketball player of all time is writing on this post. But the truth is i love comics. Even more than basketball. That being said, I feel that the whole discrimination bit is kinda played out. I mean no group can constantly be persecuted forever without a strong backlash. And if they decide to go bad whose gonna really stop them. That's what i kind of liked about House of M. I mean there's all these mutants with powers and they should have seized it and abused the normals. At the very least the ones that can morph should have infiltrated high levels of government and eventually put all there people in power. It's only human nature and they are human in essence. I feel they should be accepted eventually just due to the fact that they do so much good. If one set of super freaks can get accepted i don't see how another one shouldn't. That being said they should deal less with discrimination now because they're done it from every angle already, and should just fight other super evil powers. In doing so they gradually win the public over or if they don't they should turn bad. They should try to take over the world, earn the publics repect or force it upon them. Than again I like to rant about world domination so take it with a grain of salt.

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