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Hating Hillary

Found on Kos:

Dick Bennett has been polling New Hampshire voters for 30 years. And he's never seen anything like it.

"Lying b** . . . shrew . . . Machiavellian . . . evil, power-mad witch . . . the ultimate self-serving politician."

No prizes for guessing which presidential front-runner drew these remarks in focus groups.

But these weren't Republicans talking about Hillary Clinton. They weren't even independents.

These were ordinary, grass-roots Democrats. People who identified themselves as "likely" voters in the pivotal state's Democratic primary. And, behind closed doors, this is what nearly half of them are saying.

"I was amazed," says Bennett. "I thought there might be some negatives, but I didn't know it would be as strong as this. It's stunning, the similarities between the Republicans and the Democrats, the comments they have about her."

Part of it is the success of the right-wing spin machine. Part of it is sexism. But at least some of it is the fact that she has been somewhere between negligent and detrimental when it comes to the rightward direction of this country. She hasn't fought the Republicans hard on any issues that i'm aware of. She supported the war. And she's from one of the "safest" blue states in the country. She's as unacceptable as a Democratic politician as Lieberman.

By fnord12 | August 7, 2006, 4:48 PM | Liberal Outrage


I'm already seeing calls for a Gore/Clinton ticket in '08. It's much more palatable than a Clinton/Anyone ticket.