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It's Only DEATH

How sad is it that a) the companies have to be forced to warn people that a drug they're taking might cause sudden death and b) that a drug that might cause death is FDA approved at all?

Several drugs to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, including the widely prescribed Ritalin, must include warning information about the risk of heart problems and psychotic behavior, US health officials said today.

The drugs, which include GlaxoSmithKline Plc's Dexedrine and Novartis AG's Ritalin, must include a warning about the possible risk of sudden death and serious heart problems, Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman Susan Bro said.


Ms Bro could not confirm whether other ADHD drugs - Johnson & Johnson's Concerta and Eli Lilly and Co's Strattera - also were ordered to carry the warnings.

Strattera already includes a caution about suicidal thoughts, while Shire Plc's Adderall already carries a warning that misuse can cause heart problems.

[emphasis mine]


I find it very hard to believe all these people are suffering from ADD. I think they're bored and not getting enough exercise. I also think that parents want their kids to be quiet when the parents want them to be quiet and act like happy little dolls when the parents are ready to be entertained. Since we can't all afford nannies to take them away when we're tired of them, we get them drugs to keep them sedated. The one and only time the health care system tries to "help out".

THX-1138, anyone?

By min | August 22, 2006, 10:53 AM | Science