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My name is fnord12, and i am addicted to comic books.

I came home from work yesterday to find this:

Now, i knew i had ordered a few comic books, but those are big boxes. What had i done?

Here's the contents (click to enlarge):

What i did was, see, what i did was, in the 70s they had a bunch of reprint titles of classic 60s comics:
Marvel Tales = Spider-Man
Marvel's Greatest Comics = Fantastic Four
Marvel Triple Action & Marvel Super Action = Avengers
Marvel Spectacular = Thor
Marvel Super Heroes = Hulk

So i was thinking about it, and i says to myself, you could get all this stuff for less than a dollar an issue. So i bought 'em all. Lots and lots of Stan Lee and Roy Thomas cheesey goodness. (In addition to scattered other comics, of course.)

Someone stop me. Please.

By fnord12 | August 1, 2006, 10:15 AM | Comics


where's that list of essential issues, mister?

more importantly, do you actually have the dreamcast set up? Playing a little Chu Chu Rocket??

Last game i played on the DC was one of the Olympic Games button-mashers. I should get a little Chu-Chu Rocket going.

i love that game.

i hate that game.

what kind of person can possibly hate chu chu rocket? No kind of person, that's what kind. Ergo, I posit that Priscilla Lee is in fact, some sort of mutant, malfunctioning robot.

I think both Adam and Priscilla were referring to the Olympic game.

i think you thought wrong. *bzzt*

see, she's even buzzing. clearly a robot.

remember that time Snow almost killed Chyekk?

well, i was talking about the olympic game. but im not averse to the theory that priscilla is a mutant, malfunctioning robot.

she probably attacked him after a rust monster destroyed every possession he ever cared about.

OK, that's just absurd. How can one be both a mutant and a robot. Robots do not have DNA. And don't try to sell me on some Robot DNA or other such nonsense from Futurama.

Therefore, a robot, lacking DNA, can not mutate. It can however malfunction and kill all humans. Which, I posit, will happen sooner now that Priscilla's cover has been exposed.

As for addiction to comic books, it could be worse. There's always addiction to video games, which is much more expensive. Granted, you can get anywhere from 15-150 hours of entertainment from each game, but with computer costs and buying the latest platforms, etc., etc.

Or, you know, smack. That's a pretty bad addiction too.

So don't fret. Especially since you got a good deal on your comics. You can justify the purchase of such a large quantity with that great discount. Which leaves you with more money to spend on comics.

Come on, you know you want to.

Someone needs to point me back to this post after i lose my job and i'm wondering why i can't make my mortgage payments.

Except i'll be too busy reading comic books to care...

Did someone say comics? I like comics!

You didn't happen to be clever and get a fafhrd # 3 in secret did you?

how do the classic x-men reprints compare price wise?

Someone needs to point me back to this post after i lose my job and i'm wondering why i can't make my mortgage payments.

They did warn you that I'm evil, right?

Except i'll be too busy reading comic books to care...

Even now, temptation has affixed its little barbed hooks into you. But I suppose you do need to have a place to hold all those comics, so I guess you should contine to pay your mortgage.

Now your food budget, travel budget, and general expenses on the other hand...