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I tried to fly but i couldn't because i was a potato.

By min | August 15, 2006, 10:35 AM | My Dreams


They're not letting potatoes on planes now?!? What could a terrorist do with a potato?!?

he could make one of those clocks.

use it as ammunition for a potato gun

You want to know what a terrorist could do with a potato? Here's the list.

-Poor man's silencer. Now if he could only get his hand on a gun.

-Bludgeon. Only works for 3-4 hits. Bring a sack of potatoes.

-Paint potato black and threaten people with a lumpy hand grenade.

-Put potato in a sock and use like a flail/mace.

-Smuggle stolen technology inside a potato. Stopped by customs.

-Ask stewardess for a knife to cut potato, and then threaten others with a plastic knife.

-Gag that damn baby that won't shut up.


-Disguise potato as baby and use as hostage.

-If all else fails, use potato to smash through window and depressurize cabin.