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Republican kicked out of the Democratic party

On Tuesday, Lamont beat Lieberman and won the nomination to run as the Democratic Senator in CT. For me, this is an amazing victory. When Lamont first announced his candicy, i saw him as basically a protest candidate who had no chance of winning but i was willing to support him to send a message. Instead, he won 51% to 48%, in a primary that had a record turnout of 50%, which is as high as a national election. Very cool.

Back in the 70s, hardcore rightwing christians and other conservatives started a movement to move the country to the right. They started by supporting candidates on a local level and in primaries. They were very successful and their candidates now dominate politics on a national level. Lamont's candidacy was and will continue to be supported by liberal and Democratic blogs, and my hope is that this sort of grassroots support will work as a counter to the right wing movement, and hopefully make its effect known a lot faster. We'll see how it goes.

But of course Lieberman is like a monster in a bad horror movie that keeps turning up after he's been defeated. He's announced that he will run as an independent. Originally, he said he would do this if he lost because primary elections in the summer generally have very low turnout so if he lost, it would have really been the will of the people. With a 50% turnout rate, he doesn't have that excuse, but he's still running. Prior polls have shown Lieberman winning in a 3 way race, but i expect that to change now that he has actually lost. Early polls generally aren't very reliable. But he still has a good chance of winning. Nonetheless, kicking him out of the party, saying he doesn't represent Democrats is a great first step.

By fnord12 | August 10, 2006, 12:56 PM | Liberal Outrage


I considered registering liebermansadick.com yesterday. Cause really, he's a dick.

I've heard the turnout as being lower than 50% at closer to 40%, but it's still a significant turn-out either way.

Also, the charages that Lamont's campaign used dirty tricks by hacking Lieberman's website was proven completely false. The website for a multi-million dollar campaign was being hosted by a company for about $35/month and without a dedicated server and simply couldn't handle the bandwith. Lamont went so far as to offer to post the last google-cached pages of Leiberman's site on his website.

lieberman's a dick!