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Super Plan

Wonder if i can defer my mortgage payments for a few months.

The bureaucratic brainstorm was straightforward - simple-minded is, perhaps, a more appropriate description - don't pay doctors, hospitals and their army of auxiliaries tending to indisposed old folks and the afflicted disabled for their labors in the last nine days of the current fiscal year. Instead, send them a check for what you owe them, sometime after the first of October, the start of the government's fiscal '07. In essence, those doctors, hospitals et al. are making an involuntary loan of nine days' pay without interest.

That way, point out the gleeful budgeteers and Medicare pooh-bahs, all of whom presumably are glowing with health, Uncle Sam's Medicare tab this fading fiscal year will be $5.2 billion less than it otherwise would have been. Or at least would seem to be $5.2 billion less - in Washington, as we all know, appearance and reality are not invariably the same phenomena.


Heckuva job, Georgie.

By min | August 29, 2006, 3:30 PM | Liberal Outrage