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The End of Castro's Cuba?

What will happen to Cuba when Castro dies? Will the U.S. finally get to move in? Will it be the end of literacy and social programs? No question, the guy's been a dictator all these years and he's done terrible things, but he's also improved the lot of many of the Cubans living there. I know that's not how many Cuban Americans may feel about Castro. And who can blame the ones who have had family wrongly imprisoned or executed by Castro. Although, those who fled because they were rich and didn't want their wealth taken away when Castro came to power have much less of a leg to stand on.

Considering the repeated attempts by the U.S. to undermine his rule, who can say for sure if Castro would have turned dictator left to his own devices of if he did so in reaction to the constant threat posed by our government.

By min | August 1, 2006, 11:33 AM | Liberal Outrage


My understanding is that while in the US they like to portray Castro the only thing holding socialist Cuba together, there is in fact a government structure in place. They have elections, although they are single-party. And the policies are fairly popular, although is a also a resistance movement with legitimate concerns (although they are more powerful than they ought to be because they are funded by the US and cuban exiles). But overall, the idea that Cuba will become a capitalist paradise the day Castro dies is more of a dream than anything based on reality.

The important thing will be for the US to welcome and work with the new leader and not isolate him and treat him like another Casto/Chavez. When we isolate leaders and make it appear (?) that we are trying to overthrow them, that's when they start becoming dictators.

Yeah I agree...the existing goverment structure will just continue to enforce what has already been established. I am not optimistic that the US will treat the new leader any differently really. It is in the US's "best" interest to suffocate Cuba so that anything that doesn't represent good clean democracy can't succeed. Of course this is a totally insular, non-global way of thinking but what else is new?

My mami doesn't have any illusions about going back or things really changing. It's not the Cuba she remembers anymore. :-( I'll still check it out in my lifetime though!