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Why Wait?

If you can weed out the weak ones early on, by the time the rest make it to a real military academy or boot camp at 18, they'll be able to withstand the hazing much better.


A 13-year-old cadet at a private military academy died Saturday during an orientation camping trip, a news report said.
Lynda Brown, principal of Back to Basics Military Academy in Lauderhill, told WSVN-TV the cadets were hydrated, fed and well-cared for during the excursion. The school is a juvenile boot camp.

But, this father has a differing report on conditions:

Jusino said his sons told him they were given three meals a day after starting each morning with a long hike. But the boys were dehydrated, sunburned and had insect bites when he picked them up Saturday morning, he said.

"They were very dirty, their clothing was wet. They had been sleeping in wet clothes, and their hair had been cut," Jusino said.

The very best of care must mean different things to different people. Sunburn and insect bites are one thing. You have to expect that if your kids are outdoors for days. But dehydration and sleeping in wet clothing is much less excusable.

I want to blame the parents for sending their young children to military camp. But mebbe they just thought it would be like the Boy Scouts. Some camping, some instruction on nature, hanging out with kids your own age, etc. Unfortunately, i'm sure some parents knew what they were sending their kids to. That's not right.

If what you're looking for was something to "teach" your kids discipline, you don't know what parenting is. You don't have kids and expect them to be disciplined, unquestioning machines. They're people. If you want an unthinking, unquestioning thing that never disagrees and always does exactly as its told, get a robot. Don't have kids. You don't deserve that responsibility.

By min | August 14, 2006, 11:53 AM | Liberal Outrage