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Yo, Adrianne!

It's me. Rocky, ya know?

For those of you who missed/opted out of the Rocky Marathon last Saturday, i just want to say "You missed out". Even i, who had no desire to ever see a Rocky movie, and who prolly will never ask to watch them again, enjoyed it. The best parts were the Mickey/Rocky scenes where they discuss his robe and when Paulie (who earlier called Adrianne retarded) kept telling Rocky to take her to the zoo.

The one thing i don't get is how come Rocky's such a crappy boxer? His whole strategy in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th movies was to block with his face until his opponent got tired, then hit them. I get he's a bruiser. He's supposed to take the hits and wear out the opponent. But couldn't he take the hits someplace not his head? There are lots of vital things on your head that you don't want repeatedly hit. Plus, that's where he keeps his brain. And considering his already low intelligence, should he really be risking it?

And what's with all the praying??

By min | August 18, 2006, 8:28 AM | Movies


It's 'Adrian.'

that's unfortunate since that's the masculine spelling. imdb claims it's short for 'adrianna'.

How do you know that her name is actually Adrian? I mean, you would have to understand the words coming out of Stallone's mouth first.

As for marathons of old movies, I prefer the "Jaws" series.

Good lord i could never sit through a Jaws movie, let alone the sequels. Does anything ever actually happen? I mean, it's just a shark.