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Yuck Yuck and Double Yuck

This is so gross. And ofc, it's some crazy German doctor who thought it up. "Yes....let's use real human corpses, skin them, preserve them, and display them. Everybody will love it!"

There will be a skinned male body crouched over a chessboard with his cranium split open to show his brain, seemingly contemplating a move that he will never make.

There will be The Horseman, a rider with his skull chopped in two and his body flayed to show the underlying musculature. He sits with his brain in one hand and a whip in the other, astride the posed and flayed cadaver of a horse, frozen for ever in its leap. There will be another figure chopped up and vertically expanded so that his body resembles a sashimied totem pole or a Salvador Dali painting in which the sliced body looks like a chest of drawers. There will be the erect, flayed cadaver of a man holding his own skin aloft as though it was a precious trophy. Which, in a sense, it is.

But most distressingly of all, at the denouement to the exhibition, there will be the bisected cadaver of an eight-months pregnant woman with her womb opened to reveal the foetus. Von Hagens always arranges the exhibition this way: it starts relatively mutedly with preserved body parts and ends with the emotional climacteric of this double tragedy, held for ever in suspended animation - thanks to the professor's revolutionary preservation technique called plastination.


I really didn't need to know about human musculature that badly. Honest.

By min | August 8, 2006, 11:41 AM | Science


So, you don't want to see the Bodies exhibit with me?



You suck Priscilla Lee!

I saw this exhibit in New York several months back...not that bad. I thought the fetal section was the most interesting. After seeing 10 or so skinned asians...you ask yourself...whats going on here? come to find out they are prisonors of war and their bodies were donated by the chinese government. I didn't have a problem with the process...some people actually want to donate their bodies to science and specifically this process. I had a moral issue with how the doctor received the majority of the bodies from China..the process and the collection was facinating.

just for the record, I've had the Sex Pistols stuck in my head all morning because of this post.