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First Amendment Zone

Ah well. It's lazy blogging. But King of Zembla's got it all set up already, so how can i resist?

From our distinguished colleague Dependable Renegade comes news that the First Amendment Zone, already depressingly puny, continues to shrivel...

On the one hand, you've got a U.S. citizen who was arrested on assault charges when he told our esteemed VP that he thought Cheney's policies were reprehensible.

On the other hand, in Iraq you've got a set of laws taken straight from Hussein's penal code that says public insults of the government or officials can get you up to 7 years in prison.

I guess if you look at both of these incidences together, they really do think they're spreading democracy. The only problem is that nobody actually checked to make sure they understood what that word meant.

By min | October 4, 2006, 2:23 PM | Liberal Outrage