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He's Sure Got Spunk

That's what i like about Chavez. He's definitely inflammatory and i sometimes would prefer if he didn't say all the crazy things he did say. But i kinda like that he's not afraid to say them. He cracks me up and i appreciate his moves to de-privatize everything in Venezuela. Also, how can you not love someone who essentially gives a big raspberry to Bush?

All the more reason that it's too bad Venezuela's likely to lose this fight for a seat on the UN Security Council. For the most part, the Security Council has been in the pocket of the U.S., inevitably voting in whatever direction U.S. Foreign Policy is going. So, for Venezuela to get in there, duking it out even if they don't win the vote, would have been interesting to see. Alas, it seems it isn't meant to be. Not yet, anyway.

Venezuela and Guatemala have fought to a standoff in a second day of voting at the United Nations for an open seat on the Security Council. After 22 rounds of balloting, neither country is close to the two-thirds majority needed for election.
Two days of voting, 22 ballots in the General Assembly, left Venezuela 25 votes behind rival Guatemala in the race for the Latin American Council seat being vacated by Argentina. More importantly, Venezuela is more than 40 votes shy of the two-thirds majority needed for election.

Guatemala is also short of the roughly 125 votes needed to win. Its highest total in Tuesday's balloting was 112.

The result is a stalemate, with each country having enough support to block the other from winning, but not enough to win itself. After Tuesday's voting, the meeting was adjourned until Thursday to allow negotiations on a possible compromise.

Venezuela's ambassador Francisco Javier Arias Cardenas accused the U.S. of arm-twisting the rest of the countries and said if Bolton would come up to the mike and declare the U.S. would no longer pressure any one country on how to vote, Venezuela would accept a consensus. Bolton denied any such arm-twisting, but didn't actually get up to the podium to declare it. Not even to humor the Venezuelans so that everyone could move on.

By min | October 18, 2006, 8:38 AM | Liberal Outrage