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From Wikipedia:

Mollusks are triploblastic protostomes. The principal body cavity is a blood-filled hemocoel. They have a true coelom (eucoelom); any coelomic cavities have been reduced to vestiges around the hearts, gonads, and metanephridia (kidney-like organs). The body is often divided into a head, with eyes or tentacles, a muscular foot and a visceral mass housing the organs.

Mollusks have a mantle, which is a fold of the outer skin lining the shell, and a muscular foot that is used for motion. Many mollusks have their mantle produce a calcium carbonate external shell and their gill extracts oxygen from the water and disposes waste. All species of the phylum Mollusca have a complete digestive tract that starts from the mouth to the anus. Many have a feeding structure, the radula, mostly composed of chitin. Radulae are diverse within the Mollusca, ranging from structures used to scrape algae off rocks, to the harpoon-like structures of cone snails. Cephalopods (squid, octopodes, cuttlefish) also possess a chitinous beak. Unlike the closely related annelids, mollusks lack body segmentation.

So they don't necessarily have external shells. Some have internal shells, like squids, or no shells (octopusses).

Now you know.

By min | October 27, 2006, 10:57 AM | Science


What's with the mollusk info? Not that it's not appreciated, but is there a specific reason for it to be brought up? Is it for the comic you're doing with Himmler?

I like bacon.

learn something new everyday!