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Oh dear.

They've finally abandoned whatever remnants of sanity they had on racmu:


I'm always looking for good and intelligent individuals like you to
visit my website, www.ChezBrandon.com , and it has pictures of
beautiful women, information about aged clones, and a link to Ultimate
Fighting Championship, a very good show.

My name is Brandon, and I'm in my 20s, am a college student, and as lie
detectors, both conventional and unconventional would show, I've never
been sexually penetrated. Moreover, I could be shown pictures of X, Y,
and Z, and it would show that I'm only sexually attracted to women.

The Murders of Our Leaders were Stopped.

I can take lie detector and psychological tests. I tell the truth. A
mini-psychological test: 8 times 2 = 16, the world is round, not flat,
and the year is 2006. Feel free to call me, cellphone number is
503.740.0272, and utilize a GK-1 voice analyzer truth detecting device

>From Congressmen Bill Frist to John Kerry to Dennis Hastert to Hillary

Clinton to John Warner to Ron Wyden to Gordon Smith to John McCain to
Joseph Lieberman to Nancy Pelosi to Diane Feinstein to Ted Kennedy to
anyone else who happened to be in the Congressional chambers during
either a joint session of Congress or a State of the Union address from
Masons to Skull and Bones members to Secret Service agents to pages to
visitors to other good individuals, they all would have been murdered,
all of their accomplishments stripped away, their earned wealth
stripped away, their homes stripped away, their family and friends
stripped away. Moreover, someone else would have been sleeping with
their spouses.

Elements of an organization, not of course the Masons or Skull and
Bones -- I was able, thank God, to thwart the conquest of the USA and
the world, and was able to thwart the murder of United States and world
leaders, via a psychic vision of Senator John Warner and other
Congressmen being choked to death by gas, which was confirmed
auditorially from both ears, such as "He saved Congress," who they were
going to kill "all of them,""how did he know that?" and "he's psychic"
-- murdered my biological Aunt Gloria Atkinson, whom I loved very much,
as she did of me, and there is a tribute to her on my website. Please,
friend, be sure to barricade your bedroom door at night. I'm not afraid
of aged clones or the attempted chopping off of my appendages (elements
of an organization talked about chopping off my right middle finger and
right ear, and 10 out of 10 of my toes, like my right middle finger
have unique steeple designs).

I'm not afraid of anything. I'll defend myself to the best of my
ability, and I commit my life to saving the lives of men, women, and
children and strengthening good organizations. Sincerely, Brandon

By fnord12 | October 30, 2006, 3:51 PM | Ummm... Other?


Someone's been channeling crazy dead people.