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We thrive on your comments

Four new Politburo songs submitted for your review. Please leave us some feedback.

By fnord12 | October 28, 2006, 1:04 PM | Music


umlaut?!? what's wrong with tilda?

That's not quite what we meant by "feedback", Julia.

i hear she doesn't take direction well.

nope.. i don't take directions at all.. don't know how i got thru school..

Potato w/ Wings - liked it the most. the change in tempo about 1:05 in wsa good, but i was waiting for it to happen sooner. I liked the last minute or so the best, i.e. when the bass started getting heavier/more-twingy.

Baroquen - reminded me a little of the transiberian orchestra or whichever orchestra it was that had a "rock" xmas album.

Smallest Plum - liked the beginning, but got too carnival-ish for me

Umlaut - asi-asi