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Alcohol Good For Brain

Or something. The Canadians did a study that shows those who are mildly intoxicated have a greater chance of recovering from brain injuries than those who are highly intoxicated or not intoxicated at all. They don't exactly say why.

Perhaps it's a trick. They put out this "study" and then people in other countries start drinking up thinking it's good for their brain. Instead, it just makes them more likely to kill themselves and others in drunk driving ("drink driving" if you're British) accidents. Then the Canadians finally get revenge on all the people who made fun of them for being Canadian! It's brilliant!

But Dr. Tien stressed that the research in no way suggests that drinking can prevent injury. On the contrary, it is well established that alcohol use increases the likelihood of severe injury.

"Let me be clear: Drinking and driving will not protect your head," he said.

If anyone would like to test out this theory, i'd be willing to supply the blunt head trauma. I'll need you to sign a waiver first, though.

By min | December 19, 2006, 11:52 AM | Science


Thish is totalllly good newsh for me.


Beshides... I don' need you to hit me as I gots 3 youngers siblin... silbin.... brothers and sister. So accordin' to your posst on the brain tumor thing, I'm already gonna get it.