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I Don't Care How "Nice" You Think It Is

70 degree weather in December in New Jersey is freakishly weird and totally unnatural. And it's not just us experiencing the global warming trend. Moscow is snowless this winter.

"In 1953 the temperature was plus 4.2 degrees Celcius (39.6 Fahrenheit), and tonight it will be plus 4.5 degrees (40.1 Fahrenheit)," she said. "We can call it a new record."

The average temperature for December in Moscow is around minus 4 degrees Celcius. The spokeswoman said cylcones in the north Atlantic have created unusually warm weather in central Russia.

You might be enjoying the warm temperatures because the idea of freezing your ass off in 30 degree weather is unpleasant. But weather should be cyclical and there should be seasons in our region. Warm weather allows diseases to travel faster. Plants and animals that should be taking their cues from the weather are prolly completely confused about what they should be doing. Today it's 70 degrees. Mebbe next time it will be a week long freak blizzard. Or a hurricane the likes of Katrina to wash away our shores. In the big picture, this "great" weather we're having is a very bad sign.

By min | December 1, 2006, 3:51 PM | Science


But, man it's nice out!

So, animals can't get their cues, diseases spread, and Russians aren't so cold, huh? Well, I hate animals, have health insurance, and love North Atlantic cyclones. Woo-hoo! Give it up for North Atlantic cyclones!

whoooo Cyclones!!

At least someone appreciates me.

Looks like today's high is 38. Now its really starting to feel like Winter.

Hahaha! Looks like old man Winter is finally going to take over the season. I'm going home to open up all my windows and finally shut off the AC!