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The Nose Knows

I don't know what they're so excited about. fnord12 and adam did this experiment years ago when they located the Hostess factory using nothing but adam's nose to navigate.

In a paper appearing this week in the advance online edition of Nature Neuroscience, UC Berkeley researchers report conclusive evidence from these experiments that humans do indeed gain a performance advantage from cross-nostril comparisons. They also found that humans can scent-track, and that, with training, they can improve their accuracy significantly while nearly doubling their speed along the scent trail.

adam could have out-tracked all of these suckers.

By min | December 20, 2006, 1:07 PM | Science


i think someone owes me $2.50.

i agree!

i think you should figure out which episode of the Gilmore Girls has Lorelei's mom calling her and leaving these messages on the answering machine about how she hates talking to the machine and how come they're never home to answer the phone what is it they're so busy doing anyway and don't forget her DAR meeting is this tuesday. then i could play that scene repeatedly for my mother.

Dead Uncles and Vegetables
Episode Number: 38 Season Num: 2 First Aired: Tuesday April 16, 2002

(The phone rings but Lorelai doesn't make it in time)
Lorelai's Answering Machine: Hey we're not in so.. ahh bashed my thumb... leave a message.
Emily: I'm so tired of this ridiculous machine. I get it every�
Lorelai: That was close.
Emily: ...time I call. You and Rory are always out. What is it that you do? Is your house that awful that you can't be in it? It's too much excitement if you ask me�
Lorelai: Well what isn't in Emily's rules of conduct.
Emily: � I don't want to talk to a machine; I'll call you later.
(Hangs up)
Lorelai: If you had it your way mom you'd lock us up like veal. That's what she wants veal children.
(Phone rings)
Lorelai's Answering Machine: Hey we're not in so.. ahh bashed my thumb... leave a message.
Emily: It's me again. Listen�
Lorelai: You're talking to the machine.
Emily: �Don't forget that my DAR meeting is on Tuesday�
Lorelai: It's burned into my brain. It's there forever.
Emily: �at 3:00 and all the women are extremely punctual�
Lorelai: When I'm senile and gaga and drooling into a cup and I can't remember my name I'll still remember your DAR meeting is that Tuesday.
Emily: �this Tuesday. I'll talk to you about some other things later.
Lorelai: I'd have to be deprogrammed by cult deprogrammers to get that Tusesday out of my brain.
(Phone rings)
Lorelai's Answering Machine: Hey we're not in so.. ahh bashed my thumb... leave a message.
Emily: Your phone message is annoying�
Lorelai: Unbelievable!
Emily: �do you know how annoying it is?...
Lorelai: I think I have a standard at which to measure it!
Emily: �Have you heard it lately?...
Lorelai: Can't because I'm amputating my ears.
Emily: �doesn't even say your name. And that thumb bashing thing, is that a joke? Why is it that your jokes are always�
Lorelai: Ugg!
Emily: �Your humor is completely foreign to me�
Lorelai: An earless world, what a dream!

now I think someone owes me money. and a lot more than $2.50...

Is it me? Most likely it's me who owes people (especially Adam) $2.50 in these situtations.