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Alright, i've had it

I challenge all of you to a knife fight. One on one or all at a time. Let's go! No one licks me in a knife fight.

By fnord12 | January 22, 2007, 1:44 PM | My stupid life


cause it's apparently "against the rules" to lick someone in a knife fight.

No takers? All right, how about this? I won't even use a knife. It's your knife vs. my Pez dispenser. And you can even pick what character is on the Pez dispenser so you can't say i cheated by picking someone scary like Skeletor or the Purple Pieman.

how are you gonna use your head in a knife fight?

Is it ok if I forgo the licking and just stab you?

Why would there be licking in a knife fight anyway? Is it like the knife fights in those all female prison movies they show late at night? Come to think of it, there is a decided lack of knives in those movies. And fighting. Now that I think about it, those movies aren't about knife fights at all, are they?

In any event, you guys have fun with your knifing. Or pezzing, if you're using a pez dispensor. Speaking of which, what do you call it when you knife someone in a knife fight and make them into a human pes dispensor?

**Correction, "human pez dispensor".