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Are you ready to rock???!???

I just want everyone to know that my ipod is currently the hard rock capital of the world. You want Motley Crue? Def Leppard? Judas Priest? Dio? Ratt? Hell, do you want Accept and Manowar? I am rocking all of that.

And i'm a better person for it. Now get your balls to the wall and be my lover tonight. Ummm, or something.

By fnord12 | January 18, 2007, 1:58 PM | Music


i...i guess no one's ready to rock...

man, i am ready to rock!

I'll just sit on the couch while everyone else pretends to rock.

Look, who DOESN'T want Dio. It's like you're holding cupcakes out at a Weightwatchers meeting and saying "you want cupcakes?"

What is a person supposed to say to that? WE ALL WANT DIO.

I was gonna post how you ruined my perfect 'score' robn, but then I read your post. I have to applaud your enthusiasm for Dio. I have newly realized love for Dio that is unprecedented and agree one thousand percent.

how come none of you have Guitar Hero yet? If you're ready to rock, prove it!

how come none of you have the Dio calendar yet? poseurs.