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Battle Royale

If you're anything like me, there's nothing you like more than watching Japanese teenagers kill each other. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of opportunities to see things like that. Sure you could probably kidnap a few kids and arrange something yourself, but that's frowned upon by the law in most states. Luckily, director Kinji Fukasaku feels your pain and created Battle Royale just for you. While it has the flimsiest plot this side of a Godzilla/porn movie*, it's got Japanese teenagers killing each other. And that's really all you need. And best of all, the sequel is already at the top of the queue.

*Next time you're visiting, ask to see my fine collection of Godzilla porn movies.

By fnord12 | January 29, 2007, 9:12 AM | Movies



speaking of porn, don't get any of the Pinky Violence series. or Zero Woman. these movies are really just porn disguised as movies. the quality of the plot is about on par with a porn. ugh. so bad.

also wic, i love Beat Takeshi.

I bought battle royale from the comic shop for $10 like 3 months ago, still haven't gotten around to watching it!