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Feingold Taking a Stance

Senator Russell Feingold of Wisconsin is leading a hearing today in the Judiciary Committee about a topic that makes many of his fellow Democrats squirm: using the power of the purse to bring an end to the Iraq war.

For all the harsh criticism against President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq, most Democrats blanch at the notion of cutting funding for new troops. Not Mr. Feingold, who believes his party has been too timid on this front. This is how Mr. Feingold opened the hearing:

"There is little doubt that decisive action from the Congress is needed. Despite the results of the election, and two months of study and supposed consultation -- during which experts and members of Congress from across the political spectrum argued for a new policy -- the president has decided to escalate the war. When asked whether he would persist in this policy despite congressional opposition, he replied: 'Frankly, that's not their responsibility.'

Last week Vice President Cheney was asked whether the non-binding resolution passed by the Foreign Relations Committee that will soon be considered by the full Senate would deter the President from escalating the war. He replied: 'It's not going to stop us.'"


This coincides with Bush being the "decider" and Cheney's statement that he's the VP and you're not. I love snappy comebacks.

I'm happy to see someone actually making a tough stance. I just fear that instead of getting behind this in a united front, the Dems instead will try to distance themselves from the "radical". Hey, guys, it's not high school anymore. You don't have to impress the popular kids and shun the "nerds".

I really really really hope they get the marketing to work for them on this one. Feingold has already stated that this will not affect the troops' supplies and salaries. It will only prevent more deployment of soldiers. They really need to push that meme because the neo-con PR machine is already in place and very good and dealing out misinformation to the willfully misinformed. The Democrats need to put up a united front on this with no holdouts on their side and they need to make sure they work the media machine. Fast. As i was told, even if you have the superior product, you can lose out because the inferior product had the better marketing. 8 years of Bush is a harsh price to pay for poor marketing decisions. Have they learned their lesson? Are we cutting thru the bozone* layer? I have no high expectations, but i would like to be pleasantly surprised.

Edwards has already introduced legislation to do the same. That's 2. And one of them running for president. Hope this lights a fire under the fence straddlers.


*bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating.

By min | January 30, 2007, 12:33 PM | Liberal Outrage