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My Brain Bleeds for You

Vaginal birth increases the risk of brain haemorrhage in newborns, a new study suggests. But it is unclear if the early bleeding causes problems with subsequent child development, so natural births should not be eschewed in favour of caesarean sections, experts warn.


I would have preferred if they said caesareans decrease the risk of brain haemorrhaging because stated this way, it makes it sound like vaginal births are the new thing. "This new way of giving birth is actually riskier than the good ol' caesarean."

Also, they're saying how this bleeding of the brain could be leading to developmental problems. Well, considering how many babies were born vaginally since the dawn of time, i'm thinking it can't be new problems that are just now occurring. Not that we shouldn't try to prevent brain haemorrhaging. I'm sure less bleeding of the brain can only be a good thing. Ofc, now that this has been discovered, it explains why so many people are afflicted with stupid.

Who's surprised that squeezing a baby's head thru a tiny canal (no matter how much stretching there is) might actually cause a tiny bit of damage? Duh.

That's all.

By min | January 30, 2007, 12:56 PM | Science