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Transformers and Voltron Rolled Into One

Wei-Min Shen of the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute recently reported to NASA significant progress in developing "SuperBot," identical modular units that plug into each other to create robots that can stand, crawl, wiggle and even roll. He illustrated his comments with striking video of the system in action.
"Superbot consists of Lego-like but autonomous robotic modules that can reconfigure into different systems for different tasks. Examples of configurable systems include rolling tracks or wheels (for efficient travel), spiders or centipedes (for climbing), snakes (for burrowing in ground), long arms (for inspection and repair in space), and devices that can fly in micro-gravity environment.

"Each module is a complete robotic system and has a power supply, micro- controllers, sensors, communication, three degrees of freedom, and six connecting faces (front, back, left, right, up and down) to dynamically connect to other modules.

"This design allows flexible bending, docking, and continuous rotation. A single module can move forward, back, left, right, flip-over, and rotate as a wheel. Modules can communication with each other for totally distributed control and can support arbitrary module reshuffling during their operation.


They're autonomous and they can SELF-ASSEMBLE into a humanoid robot shape. When Sven leaves the group, i want dibs on his robot lion. But i'm not wearing pink.

Go to this page to watch the movie they made of the thing wiggling around self-assembling. Be forewarned, the "self-assembly" portion is just a tiny bit vulgar. I'm just saying.

By min | February 22, 2007, 12:51 PM | Science & TeeVee