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Humanity At Its Finest

Another what's wrong with people moment.

Three care home workers who encouraged residents to fight and racially abuse each other were jailed for six months each today.

Over the course of a year the three systematically preyed on the mentally and physically vulnerable, London's Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.


Janine Sheff, prosecuting, showed the court some of the mobile phone footage. In one clip, Hall could be seen encouraging a Down's syndrome sufferer to kick a deaf and autistic patient.

The barrister said separate video footage pictured Bailey and Nedd laughing hysterically as they encouraged the Down's syndrome sufferer to call the third woman resident they were supposed to be looking after a "white bitch".

Based on their first names, i think the 3 defendants are women. While cruelty has no gender bias, it is unusual to hear that women are behaving like the neighborhood kids who fed alkaseltzer to the seagulls. Another interesting bit of info in the article was that the single male patient in residence was not abused. They only played their games with the female patients.

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