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I Love Christopher Walken

I saw this a looooong time ago on tv and never could find it again. Now, thanks to YouTube, i can watch it over and over and over and over again. He's such a freak. He's the bestest.

Weapon of Choice

Love that YouTube.

By min | March 5, 2007, 4:02 PM | Music


Alright. Christopher Walken vs Steve Buscemi in a knife fight. Who wins?

christopher walken, hands down. buscemi wouldn't have a chance.

Steve Buscemi is wiry and surprisingly strong for his size! I once saw him carry a man twice his size with no problem! and he used to be a fire-fighter! If he could fight a fire, he'd have no problem with a knife!


christopher walken is the angel of death and fire. i don't think a firefighter's gonna give him trouble.

In REAL life Christopher Walken is an ex-child star and dancer who's a little creepy and Steve Buscemi is an ex-fire fighter who assisted his old unit following 9/11/01 without publicity (in fact, specifically eschewing such publicity), stronger than he looks, and a little creepy.

That previous post sounded a little angry. I apologize. I'm dealing with insurance company incompetance, and taking it out on your blog. Dio wouldn't approve. "Take your anger out on those it belongs to!"

i don't approve of real life.

Then you should get a second life. I hear John Edwards campaign is doing well, despite all the graffiti.

I would totally put my money on Buscemi. Walken is not the angel of death, he's an actor, so there won't be any fire coming out of his eyes, or wherever fire comes out of the angel of death.

Buscemi has youth on his side. Walken is 14 years older than Buscemi, so that's definately going to come into play in our fantasy knife fight of the stars.