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Is It Warm In Portland?

Cause we ain't got no heat.

By min | March 1, 2007, 8:40 AM | My stupid life


pay the gas bill you cheap bastard.

I think it was snowing in portland yesterday (relatively rare occurrence though!)

Put on a sweater and bake cookies. Bah! You kids these days. I remember I was without heat for 2 months in that ridiculous blizzard we had about 4 years back. This was when I still lived in that hovel in New Brunswick with almost no insulation.

And we only had tissue boxes for shoes too!

you like to open your windows in the winter and turn your A/C on when there's still frost outside. i really don't think you're in any position to judge here.

I lived with Adam, who, at the time, had a very strict no heat rule.

I slept with a hat on fer christ sakes!

It's warm in Jersey today. Except in our house.

you can come sleep on my futon. i also have an airbed. you dont need to bring your laptops. i have many computers u can use.

who's got $3000?
who is it?
is it you?