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Quote Farts

This is a quote fart: ’

We get them when we copy in text from some web pages in place of apostrophes (and sometimes other special characters like long dashes, but that i can deal with).

Even if we copy something from a web page into notepad before copying into the MoveableType editor, we still get them. To remove them, we have to post, and then see if we've generated any quote farts. If we do, we manually hunt for them in our post and replace them with regular apostrophes. Does anyone else experience this/have a better way to deal with them?

By fnord12 | March 1, 2007, 6:25 PM | My stupid life


On the main page, the quote fart looks like an apostrophe. But, on this comment page, it looks like a quote fart. Intriguing!

looks like a quote fart to me on both pages.

It only happened on my home computer.